DIY Yarn Cake

The yarn “cake” craze is on the rise! Knitters and crocheters everywhere are looking to have some of these great color combinations in their own hands. If you are unable to locate any at your local craft store, don’t worry, you can make your own. When making your own, the possibilities for colors are truly endless.

What you will need:

Ball winder

3 colors of yarn (or more)


darning needle


For this example, we are using Starlette yarn in Grey, Light Grey, and Teal. You will then need to divide each skein of yarn into 2 separate balls. Each ball should be about half of the skein, giving you 6 balls total when done. Next, decide which color you want to be first(middle), second and third (outside).

Start with your first color on the ball winder and hold the working yarn with some tension so that it wraps tightly around the spinner. Holding with consistent tension, spin until there are roughly 8 inches left of the first color then use a joining method of your choice to join the second color. Repeat the same process with all the colors. Next week we will show you two different ways to join, the seamless Russian Join and the Square Knot Join.


Three colors will fit nicely if you make sure to use tight tension when winding; the yarn “cake” will then be dense and ready for use. Using our Starlette yarn, you will average about 270 yards give or take, and can be done with any color of your choice. This method will also be good for making a “Super Ball” using all of your long scraps. We would love to see the color combinations you come up with, give it a try, it’s a piece of “cake”!


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Kendra Sagash

Kendra has been crocheting for over 20 years. She became obsessed and enthused with crochet when she realized it was a great way to interact with people. She enjoys sharing her love of crafts with her two beautiful daughters. Kendra also paints in her free time.

Kendra joined Mary Maxim in 2013. She is the crochet instructor at the Mary Maxim retail store in Port Huron. She assists customers with our pattern support team and is the Social Media Assistant.

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