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stepaboveThe A Step Above yarn is a sock yarn that is 100% superwash wool. It comes in wonderful natural colorsways along with a wide gradient color variation and has a smooth transition. With that, it is also one of our softest sock yarns. With this yarn, don’t limit yourself to making just socks. It is also perfect for making hats, scarves, and shawls.

When making a hat with sock yarn you will get the warmth from the wool, but not the bulk you may get from other yarns. It will be a thinner hat and will not overheat the person wearing it. Wool wicks sweat away from the wearer and will keep the warmth inside. These hats are great for children who layer their clothes for playing in the snow or for winter athletes who may break a sweat snowboarding and skiing. For hats, the Sockhead Slouched hat we found on Ravelry is a great place to start. This pattern can be made for any gender, not just girls, and it is gorgeous with displaying the colors of the yarn beautifully. For adults, we recommend the Midas Hat, also found on Ravelry. It is a basic stockinette stitch with a rolled edge, this easy and simple pattern lets the yarn shine.

Scarves made with this sock yarn will display the gradient colors with ease and will show off the stitches of the pattern. We recommend this free intermediate knit Chevron and Cables pattern.


We also offer a pattern for this crocheted Pinwheel Wrap. It is light enough it can even be worn as a “super scarf”.


Sock yarn can also be used in making a Sock Yarn Blanket using mitred squares and left over sock yarn, or any sock yarn of your choosing.

eyeletlaceOf course, you can always use sock yarn to make socks! We have plenty of patterns available here.

What do you like to make with sock yarn, besides socks? Comment below!

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Kendra joined Mary Maxim in 2013. She is the crochet instructor at the Mary Maxim retail store in Port Huron. She assists customers with our pattern support team and is the Social Media Assistant.

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