Month: November 2016


This holiday season we wanted to use our crafting gift for good and truly encourage others to do the same. In the U.S. at any given time there are over 500,000 homeless individuals. As we come into our coldest months, we feel like it only makes sense to do what we can with what we …

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Free Holiday Pattern Roundup

Here are a few fun and functional patterns for the holidays, we hope that you enjoy them! Just click the photo to open the pattern. Most of these patterns can be made using Mary Maxim Scrub It yarn. 

The Cat Craze!

Cats are now on the trend. An estimated 79.7 million households in the U.S. own cats, they are a well-loved animal because each of them have their own personalities and unique attributes. They are fantastic companions and love to cuddle. Cats are so well loved that they are making their mark in the craft world. Here …

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Step Above Sock Yarn

The A Step Above yarn is a sock yarn that is 100% superwash wool. It comes in wonderful natural colorsways along with a wide gradient color variation and has a smooth transition. With that, it is also one of our softest sock yarns. With this yarn, don’t limit yourself to making just socks. It is also perfect for …

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Wins/Losses Scarf

The baseball season has come to an end, and the Chicago Cubs won the World Series. My team the Detroit Tigers did not make it to the play-offs but I was able to make this wonderful scarf to show off this seasons triumphs and defeats. If you missed it, here is the original post with …

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Celebrity Lookalike Sweaters

Here is another edition of Celebrity Lookalike Sweaters! This time we looked for musicians who have worn sweaters we had similar patterns for and we found some with Adam Levine and Kanye West! Both Adam Levine and Kanye West , two very different artists who are both known for their unique styles, are both wearing sweaters with a …

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