Month: April 2017

Crochet- Along (Week 9)

Week Nine is here and we are back to making squares! If you are just jumping in, all of the previous weeks are here. This week we are using color 1. Be sure to share your pics using #marymaximcal so we can share with our followers also!

Crochet-Along Week 8

This is our week to start putting edgings on our finished squares and take a break from adding new squares, or if you are new to the Crochet Along all of the previous weeks are posted here for you to jump in with us! This week will give you time to catch up if you have …

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Diamond Dotz

Are you in the market for a new craft or hobby but overwhelmed with the thought getting started and learning a whole new craft? Look no further than Diamond Dotz! Diamond Dotz make it easy to enjoy a fun new craft without the stress of tracking down all of the supplies or learning a bunch of …

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Crochet-Along Week 7

Week Seven is here, and when these are completed we are now halfway done with our squares! Next week we will take a break from squares and start putting the edging on our completed squares and also give you a chance to catch up on any you haven’t finished before we move on. If you have missed …

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Crochet-Along (Week 6)

Week Six already? This crochet- along is flying by! Only one more week and we will take a break on squares for a week and start working on borders for the squares we have done so we aren’t left with all of that for the end. If you are new to the crochet-along, all previous …

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