Advantages of Acrylic Yarn

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When picking yarn for a project, what do you choose? How do you choose it? Here are some advantages on one of our favorite types of yarn out there, acrylic.

Acrylic yarn is made from a polymer that is manufactured as a filament, then is cut into strands similar to wool, which is then spun into yarn. DuPont created the first acrylic fibers in the 1940’s and it was named Orlon. There are several different blends of polymers that make acrylic what it is, but it must contain 35-85% of acrylonitrile monomer to be classified as acrylic. When there is just a small to moderate percentage of acrylic it is called a blend. There are many blends out on the market now, the addition of other fibers give it a defining look, wear, and drape.

Main Advantages of Acrylic Yarn

1.) Affordability

Acrylic yarn is one of the more affordable yarns you can find because it is man-made and produced in larger volume. Do not be afraid to venture out of the natural fiber box, acrylic yarns are wonderful for new moms, teenagers, and toddlers. Give Mary Maxim’s yarns a try, we pride ourselves on having a superior quality acrylic at a fair price.

2.) Durability and Care

Acrylic yarn is easy to take care of.  The best way to take care of acrylic yarn projects is to wash on gentle without fabric softener, tumble dry on low for 5 minutes and then lay flat to dry. Tumble dry for 5 minutes helps to relax fibers and helps realign the stitches. Completing the process of drying while it’s flat helps the item retain its shape and drape. Ultimately, it will also help the project last longer and reduce the amount of pilling. DO NOT iron acrylic as it is synthetic and can melt easily. Acrylic yarn is also beneficial to those who suffer from natural fiber allergies like wool.

Older patterns that used wool required blocking and stretching of the piece before and after assembly. There is little to no need to block acrylic yarn.

3.) Wider Range of Color Choices and Consistency with Dye Lots

Matching dye lots with acrylic is easier because it is dyed and produced on a larger scale. There is also a wider range of color choices for acrylic yarn versus natural fiber. Sometimes natural fiber does not ‘take’ a color well or the hue is off dye lot to dye lot. Using acrylic will give a great consistency and a better-finished product.

Some of Mary Maxim’s favorite and best-selling yarns are acrylic. Starlette yarn comes in a range of colors, varying from warm and neutral to cool and bright. This yarn is soft but sturdy. It is so versatile that we use it to design baby blankets, throws, and sweaters. It is a great yarn to have against your skin, it is soft, supple and drapes nicely.

4.) Great for beginners

Acrylic yarn is great for beginners. You can practice your stitches repeatedly without ruining the yarn or project. You can stitch and rip over and over again. It will also give you a great stitch definition. It will help with learning how to count stitches and make it easy to see if you missed or have a duplicate stitch.

Check out some of our Customer Favorites below:

Our Prism yarn shows off the amazing color variation. This yarn is acrylic but has the feel of hand spun wool, with a natural variance from thick to thin. Once it is worked up it becomes a piece of fabric. The stitches interlock into one another securing themselves next to each other. For some projects, we pair this with another great acrylic yarn we carry, Ultra Mellowspun.

If you are looking for a blend to ease your way into acrylic we recommend our Studio yarn. It is a blend of 35% wool with 65% acrylic. The colorways are vibrant and deep. The acrylic really has allowed the wool to hold the color much better than it would have on its own.

Next time you are choosing yarn or project pick acrylic, it is the most used and versatile yarn on the market. It is affordable and can be used for any project. Subscribe now to stay up to date with what is happening here at Mary Maxim!!

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  1. Janine Sheaffer

    My all time favorite is Ultra Mellowspun. It is soft, gorgeous colors and I use it single and doubled. Great yardage.

  2. I have used Starlette, Titan, and other Mary Maxim yarns for most of my knitting for years. When I se a pattern I would like to knit published for somebody else’s yarn, I immediately try to find an appropriate yarn for the project from my Mary Maxim catalog. I’ve had other yarns pill and act up; I trust Mary Maxim’s yarns to fulfill my expectations.

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