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We are thrilled to launch #askmary to help solve all your crafting questions! Comment below with any burning questions you may have and we will tackle them through a tutorial on the blog or through a live feed on Facebook or Periscope.  Do you have a Mary Maxim pattern or kit specific question you need guidance with? We have free expert project assistance available by calling customer service at 1-800-962-9504.

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  1. I recently purchased N-4803-4N. While I am excited to be able to make this sweater for my daughter and I am sad. Your pattern says to use Mary Maxim Worsted Weight Yarn and does not give a yardage to purchase.

    I have looked at comparable Yarns but am not able to purchase anything because I don’t know how much to purchase.
    The pattern says to contact you. So please, can you tell me the yardage I need to purchase. I look forward to a quick response so I can begin this project.

    1. Hi Leslie! This pattern would have originally used Starlette yarn most likely, with 180 yards per ball, and the pattern states for sizes up to 36 it will require 10 balls, and the larger sizes in the pattern would require 12. Hope that helps! If you ever have a question about the PDL patterns, or any pattern, you can get help right away by calling our customer service at 1-800-962-9504 and they can pull the pattern and help you in any way.

  2. Thank you for your quick response. I knew how many balls I need of the original. just not the yardage. I will be able to figure out yardage now. You were so quick I can go pick up the material required and start this project today.

  3. Q8eston? Back in 2015 I purchased some Starlett yarn; i.e. gray, blue, red, green and yellow, I have run out of the BLUE and am in need of more to complete a project. Since Starlette offers several shades of blue, I was wonderfering if you could check records and tell me exactly what shade I may have ordered back in 2015 (I can tell you it would have been an order for 3 skeins of blue among other colors). I would appreciate it if you could match the color for me so I can order more. Please respond at your earliest convenience. ThanX

    1. Hi Dawn,
      The very best thing for you to do in that situation is to call our customer service at 1-800-962-9504 and they can pull up your specific account and let you know which Starlette you ordered and get you taken care of. Hope that helps!

  4. Hi. I have a question regarding pattern number 4063 ( may also be listed as 5164N); the baby afghan, sweater and beanie pattern. I am confused on the sweater piece. As per the patten it starts with the yoke, then there are 5 sets of instructions. It is after this where my question is; it states, “next row and every alternate row following”, followed by “next row”. Then it states “continue to inc every alternate row as set, keeping first 4 sts and last 4 sts in garter st-every row k, until there are 144 (156-168) sts on the needle, ending after a p row.” My question is this: Am I supposed to repeat the row “k8 (10-12), y, k1,yo…” or just knit every row after “k4, p to last 4 sts, k4” increasing 1 stitch on every pearl row until I hey to 144 (166-168). I have been doing “k4, p to last 4 sts, k4”, followed by knitting every row and don’t understand where the arms will go? Should I be repeating the “k8 (10-12), y, k1,yo…” row instead, and if so, how do i do that with the increased stitches? Thank you.

    1. Hello, I feel like the easiest way to help you out with this is to have you call our customer service at 1-800-962-9504 and one of our project assistance team can get you straightened out 🙂

  5. I am working on pattern #97025N Diagonal Ridges Cowl. I started it over 4 times now and after about 4 inches it goes wrong. There has to be something wrong with the pattern. HELP

  6. I have the pattern for the Christening blanket for cast on 213 stitches, would like to make it smaller with less stitches, how do I do that?

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