Gwen Bautista

Gwen Bautista is a published Knit and Crochet Designer as well as an avid all-round crafter. She has been enjoying a career in design for 12 years and loves creating community spaces where artists, crafters, and makers of all abilities can show off their talent. Gwen's passion for designing relatable and intelligent design pieces ranges from delightful and modern fashion accessories to home accessories. Gwen pulls inspiration from the people in her life, which results in beautiful and trendy streetwear pieces as well as functional and fabulous home essentials. Maybe even more than her passion for design, Gwen's dedication to communicating and teaching others the skills she's developed as a designer proves her to be a modern expert in fiber arts.

Spring Easter Knit Pillow

Knit Easter Pillow – April KAL – Week 3

That is why I like small projects that I can finish quickly. You get almost instant gratification. But, there is also something to be said for projects that you can leave on the backburner for a little while. Patterns with just enough challenge to keep it interesting, but not so much that it requires complete focus are my preference.

Spring Easter Knit Pillow

Spring Easter Pillow – April Knit Along 2021

There is nothing quite like April. It is a fun month where everybody ends their hibernation. We play fun pranks on each other on the first of the month and later in the month we focus on caring for the Earth which sustains us. No matter what you like to do in April, this month means that we are firmly in spring.

Pearl Rivers Crochet Summer Shawl Featured Image

Spring Shawl – March CAL

I have loved hearing from all of you and am so excited to share the next part of the Pearl River Shawl. If you haven’t completed Week 1 of this month’s CAL make sure to check out the Spring Crochet Shawl post to get started. Be sure to tag us in your progress photos.

Pearl Rivers Crochet Summer Shawl Featured Image

Free Summer Crochet Shawl Pattern

I knew I wanted to design a shawl that resembled a free-flowing river. I love the idea of a river having spontaneity; it can change its course at any time, and it can shrink or swell on its own. Once I figured out the design, it was time to find yarn to match the flowy, light design I was trying to recreate.

Farmhouse Crafts

Best Farmhouse Crafts in Knit and Crochet

Spaces that are styled in Farmhouse often have contrasting materials like rod iron and cotton together in one piece to further add to elements of an unexpected balance. In previous years we saw dark greys and neutrals in this decor style, but more recently, we see colors in ranges of whites to create lighter and airier spaces while still maintaining balance in home decor. We hope to inspire you with these crafts that fit perfectly within the Farmhouse Aesthetic and may inspire you to play with your stitches’ contrasting textures in your garments and home decor.

Alpaca Yarns

The Best Economical Luxury Yarn – Alpaca Yarn

Alpaca Yarn is so luxurious and versatile we are sure you will want to try it. Mary Maxim has 2 amazing yarn lines that are Alpaca wool blends and are a wonderful way to use this luxury fiber for your everyday projects without breaking the bank.

best spring patterns

Best Spring Patterns For Knit and Crochet

Happy New Year! Thank you so much for joining us for our Christmas Countdown. We are so excited about what 2021 may bring, but like many, we don’t want to jinx it with speculation. For now, let’s celebrate the New Year with the Best Knit and Crochet Spring Patterns. Make sure to check out these thousands of always Free Patterns, and our very affordable downloadable patterns.