Pearl Rivers Crochet Summer Shawl Featured Image

Free Summer Crochet Shawl Pattern

I knew I wanted to design a shawl that resembled a free-flowing river. I love the idea of a river having spontaneity; it can change its course at any time, and it can shrink or swell on its own. Once I figured out the design, it was time to find yarn to match the flowy, light design I was trying to recreate.

Farmhouse Crafts

Best Farmhouse Crafts in Knit and Crochet

Spaces that are styled in Farmhouse often have contrasting materials like rod iron and cotton together in one piece to further add to elements of an unexpected balance. In previous years we saw dark greys and neutrals in this decor style, but more recently, we see colors in ranges of whites to create lighter and airier spaces while still maintaining balance in home decor. We hope to inspire you with these crafts that fit perfectly within the Farmhouse Aesthetic and may inspire you to play with your stitches’ contrasting textures in your garments and home decor.

best spring patterns

Best Spring Patterns For Knit and Crochet

Happy New Year! Thank you so much for joining us for our Christmas Countdown. We are so excited about what 2021 may bring, but like many, we don’t want to jinx it with speculation. For now, let’s celebrate the New Year with the Best Knit and Crochet Spring Patterns. Make sure to check out these thousands of always Free Patterns, and our very affordable downloadable patterns.

Easter Crafts

Christmas Countdown Dec. 22 – Easter Craft

As our Christmas Crafting winds down and, we get settled into the new year, I always think of the feeling of renewal as we await Spring. I love the bright colors and how everything feels so clean and bright. Today’s Easter Craft is the Easter Basket with Eggs pattern designed with Mary Maxim Scrub-it Yarn. It’s a fabulous pattern to have in your collection and makes a wonderful spa gift!

Christmas Countdown Dec. 13 – Crochet Hat

The Big Fan Beanie was inspired by those amazing, knit pieces that have the beautiful long stitches. I have always loved the spike stitch, and I thought that it would work perfectly to mimic this knitting technique in crochet form.