Tutorial with GoodKnit Kisses!

We are so excited to have worked with Kristen Mangus aka “GoodKnit Kisses” for a fun and informative tutorial on our Painted Tiles Wrap kit. Kristen breaks down how to knit a mitered square, gives you tips, and shows you how to work your final triangle. Kristen

Chatting with Kim Guzman

We had the great pleasure of meeting and chatting with Kim Guzman. She has a Facebook group with over 100k members that  primarily focuses on free patterns for crocheters and helping educate the masses on crochet. Her blog CrochetKim is fantastic and is on the top of our read list, it helps us stay relevant and current.  She also …

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Messy Bun Hat Tutorial

Messy Bun hats are the hot crafting trend of the winter season. They are everywhere and everyone is coming out with patterns. There is a way to take just about any hat pattern and turn it into a bun hat! The easiest way would be to start from the bottom up and just stop when you …

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Pain Relief for Crafting

How often do you get so excited about a new project, or have a deadline for a gift, and you end up knitting or crocheting for literally hours on end? The next day you were most likely rewarded with stiff aching hands and shoulders. The longer you craft, the worse the inflammation and pain can become, …

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DIY Yarn Cake

The yarn “cake” craze is on the rise! Knitters and crocheters everywhere are looking to have some of these great color combinations in their own hands. If you are unable to locate any at your local craft store, don’t worry, you can make your own. When making your own, the possibilities for colors are truly endless. What …

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Yarn Blocking Help

Blocking is a method to finish a piece and to give it a refined look. It will straighten and align your stitches, “open up” your lace work or cables and help your finished product ‘lay’ or ‘drape’ with perfection. You will see better stitch definition and the pattern will really shine through when you take …

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What I Wish I Knew

I have knit for as far back as I can remember. When I learned to knit, I learned on my grandma’s aluminum Boye knitting needles.  I always loved to walk in her house and hear the clicking of her working on whatever project she was in the midst of. I would go in her yarn …

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