What I Wish I Knew

I have knit for as far back as I can remember. When I learned to knit, I learned on my grandma’s aluminum Boye knitting needles.  I always loved to walk in her house and hear the clicking of her working on whatever project she was in the midst of. I would go in her yarn …

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Bits and Pieces

We all have them. Tiny bits and pieces of yarn. Not really enough to do much with, but we don’t want it to go to waste. There are a lot of projects you can do with just one or two yards of yarn. And what about those 2-inch pieces that you cut off after you …

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Learn to Crochet

Learn to crochet with our how-to video series. We use our Mary Maxim Quick yarn to give you a nice, easy to see stitch, and keep the videos short and sweet. You get to watch in “real time” and slow motion to help make learning to crochet fun and simple! The slip knot is the …

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