Christmas Countdown – Day 15 – Teagan & Lu Free Pattern

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Are you ready for more of our fabulous Christmas Countdown? Each day we are releasing a free pattern from Mary Maxim. It’s ONLY Free for 24 Hours! Today’s talented artisan is Theresa from Teagan and Lu, she has a few patterns written for Mary Maxim yarn, so be certain to check out her shop!

Make sure to check back to previous posts and visit some of our favorite independent designers!  We have another great artist for our feature tomorrow, so stay tuned! Don’t forget to visit each day because all patterns will be removed from the blog on January 7th, 2019.

We are also hosting a fabulous giveaway ending today! Read more about how to enter at the end of this post.

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Teagan and Lu

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Hi! I’m Theresa, the designer who runs Teagan and Lu. I live in Central Illinois with my fantastic family, and love engaging in all things yarn in my free time. I love to focus on simple, classic and approachable pattern designs that can be enjoyed by yarn crafters at any level.
I learned to both knit and crochet as a child and I enjoyed casually stitching up gifts and challenging myself to make something new occasionally. After my children were born, I was thirsty for some true “me time” and turned to my yarn. It became my nightly ritual to decompress from the long days with little kids and I realized that I got the most joy from just creating what came to me. So, one year ago I began selling my independently written knit and crochet patterns, and I look forward to keeping it a part of my life for many years to come. I’ve also recently started a blog and email newsletter to help reach other crafters. While I focus primarily on yarn crafting, I also hope to offer plenty of other crafting tidbits along the way, since I never met a craft I didn’t try or like!
 I’m so happy to share the Alice Earwarmer pattern with Mary Maxim readers since it was one of the first patterns I improvised, and got me hooked on creating crochet and knit patterns.


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Teagan and Lu

Alice Beanie

The Alice Earwarmer was born of necessity.  My (at the time) two-year-old daughter wouldn’t wear a hat to save her life, and if I were able to get something on her head, it would inevitably end up over her sweet little eyes on our long car commute. So, Alice got her own earwarmer. I wanted it to be extra textured and warm, and be cinched so if it migrated down a bit, she’d still be able to see.

Once I made the first version, I experimented with different yarn weights, but settled on the look and feel of a bean-stitched worsted. I have found that Mary Maxim Woodlands Yarn is a perfect match for this project. It’s soft and squishy and has the perfect amount of stretch.

This pattern is fast, relaxing and yielding a result that really suits just about anyone. (A fun tip: if you skip the final cinching step, it’s a suitable, unisex piece.) This free pattern is available on my Ravelry page where I frequently post quick, free patterns.

Download Pattern Now




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Free Pattern –
24 Hours Only

Knit these adorable mittens with Mary Maxim Mellowspun yarn and a pair of US size 3 (3.25 mm) and US size 6 (4.00 mm) needles.

Download Expired





The Giveaway

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