Christmas Countdown Day 6 – Free Tunisian Beanie

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It’s Day 6 of our Christmas Countdown and it’s hard to believe that the first week of Christmas is almost at a close.  We hope your holiday is filled with handmade gifts and the joy of the season.  Today we are featuring another incredible maker.  Tacia is a special maker for us because of her Michigan Roots.  We’ve really enjoyed seeing Tacia at local maker meet-ups and sharing a cup of coffee.  Thank you Tacia for joining our Christmas Countdown.  Don’t forget to follow Tacia on Instagram and Facebook.

Joanna’s Crochet


Hi, I’m Tacia, the maker behind Joanna’s Crochet.  So here’s a little bit about me and my maker journey…

  I was born and raised in the great state of Michigan. When I’m not making awesome things with yarn, I work in Cancer Research. I’ve always loved anything creative whether it’s crochet, knitting, painting, cooking and does eating count Lol I’m such a foodie.

   Now onto my maker journey… my journey started like many in our community as a young child. I would see my aunt make these amazing afghan blankets, clothing for both adults and cute little babies. I was completely mind blown that she could create these awesome garments and blankets out of just a ball of yarn and I had to get in on it. So when I asked her if she would teach me how to crochet, she sat me down and taught me the basics and I was obsessed but like some, I lost interest in it. 

Capture+_2019-12-05-17-03-10-1.pngAfter many years had passed, crochet was just a distant memory for me until one fateful day I was shopping for scarves and couldn’t find any that I was interested in buying. I would look at them and tell myself that I could make myself something that looked better than what I was finding. So I decided to take a trip to my local craft store and bought my first crochet hook and yarn. From that day on, the love I had for crochet came back and grew more and more. It eventually would turn into Joanna’s Crochet. Fun fact about my brand name, it’s actually named after my grandmothers, Joan and Anna.

Free Tunisian Crochet Beanie


I love making any and everything but especially accessories and that’s how my Geneva Beanie pattern came to life. I had just gotten some Tunisian crochet hooks and bought a ton of Caron Simply Soft Tweeds yarn and knew I wanted to make a hat and scarf set. I originally wanted to knit the hat and scarf but I’m not the best knitter and I knew that I could mimic the look of knitting with Tunisian crochet. That’s how the Geneva Beanie was created. It can be easily adjusted to make it larger or smaller and it’s also a great small project to inspire you to give Tunisian crochet a try. Everyone will think you spent hours knitting. DOWNLOAD IS EXPIRED.

I really like using the Tunisian Crochet technique, it is a unique subset of crochet that combines crochet techniques with knitting. The biggest difference between traditional crochet methods and Tunisian crochet is that you sometimes use a longer hook and you work with more loops on the hook at one time. This allows you to create different types of stitches than those found in traditional crochet.

Stay Tuned

Have you dabbled in Tunisian before?  We will be starting a Tunisian Crochet series in the new year and would love to hear your input. Have you tried it?  What do you find intriguing?  What is your favorite Tunisian tutorial?  Let us know in the comment section!

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Happy Crafting!

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    1. Hi Tacia’s pattern like all of our Christmas Countdown patterns is only available for a limited time. Contact Tacia this was her pattern from last year I am sure it’s available for download or for purchase.

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