Christmas Countdown Dec. 13 – Crochet Hat

Today’s featured designer is Alex from With Alex and her Crochet Hat.  Make sure to check out yesterday’s designer Rachel from Evelyn and Peter.  Enter our very special Christmas Countdown Giveaway at the end of the post. Stop back and visit every day for new Free Patterns. All patterns expire on January 7th, 2021. This week’s giveaway ends 11:59 on December 14th EST. 

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Hi I am Alex. I am a stay at home mommy that spends my days filled with creativity. When I’m not creating something out of yarn or food, I can close my eyes and listen to my son playing his electric guitar or trombone in the background. Since becoming chronically sick, I spend a lot of my time in my bed, but I distract myself by crocheting, designing, writing, and collaborating with wonderful, creative people like me. “Nap often and dream big” is my slogan. Every day I have to take a nap, but I still have big dreams, and someday I hope to achieve them all. Some days are wonderful, and I get a lot accomplished, and other days, I can only dream, but I like to take one day, one pattern, one blog post, one video at a time.

My maker journey started at a young age. First, I fell in love with drawing, painting, and then later on photography. My parents were artists, and they made sure that their children were exposed to art and creating at a young age. As a teenager, I studied painting and then went on to study art history in college. After college, I became chronically sick, and my camera became my best friend, next to my favorite characters in my books, of course. I used photography as an outlet for my creativity, and it led me to portrait photography, which then led me to learn crochet so that I could make those cute, little baby hats. Soon, I found myself crocheting non-stop, and I started using my camera to photograph my crochet creations, instead of people unless they were wearing my designs. I started designing very soon after learning how to crochet. I loved being able to sketch something out and then create it with yarn. I am completely in love with designing crochet, especially shawls, beanies, and amigurumi.  I hope you enjoy my Crochet Hat

With Alex

With Alex

I am known for my Youtube Tutorials, so make sure you stop by the blog and my youtube channel.

The Big Fan Crochet Hat

The Big Fan Beanie was inspired by those amazing, knit pieces that have the beautiful long stitches. I have always loved the spike stitch, and I thought that it would work perfectly to mimic this knitting technique in crochet form. As soon as I thought of this idea and sketched it out, I contacted my friends over at Mary Maxim, because I didn’t have a lot of experience with chunky yarn and I thought that they could suggest something for this design idea. They quickly got back to me and recommended Mary Maxim Marvelous Chunky yarn, and I quickly looked it up. As soon as I saw it, I fell in love and knew it would be perfect for this design.

Mary Maxim Marvelous Chunky yarn is made from 100% acrylic, and it is super soft. I thought that a yarn like this would be very heavy, but it’s light and buoyant, and it makes a wonderful beanie! Each strand of yarn is twisted with different colors, which creates a beautiful mosaic of colors as you crochet. I had so much fun designing this pattern with this marvelous yarn, it really is marvelous!

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