Christmas Countdown Dec. 15 – Vintage Sweaters

Thanks for joining our Third Annual Christmas Countdown.  Each day for the month of December we check off a day on our calendar with a free pattern either by Mary Maxim or by a featured maker.  Today we are featuring an iconic pattern, the one that Mary Maxim is best known for and easily one of the most customizable patterns in our Collection.  Enjoy the possibilities of these vintage sweaters.

vintage sweater

If you aren’t familiar with the History of Mary Maxim, our family-owned company started in Sifton Manitoba where Willard and Olive McPhedrain purchased Spinwell Manufacturing Co who had been manufacturing and selling spinning wheels.  Soon they developed a mail-order company and the Mary Maxim Sweater was born.

The very first Mary Maxim Sweater is our iconic Reindeer Sweater pictured to the right.  The Mary Maxim sweater is also called the Cowichan Style sweater due to the bulky yarn used to knit the fabric and the stylistic design.  This sweater has been updated a few times over the years offering new color choices and pattern instructions that have changed as the knowledge base and popularity of knitting changed.

These vintage sweaters are now a part of North American iconic fashion gracing the backs of legends like Bob Hope and the members of the band Bare Naked Ladies.

vintage sweater
vintage sweater

Vintage Sweater

Today’s Countdown Pattern is the Basic Bulky Sweater Pattern, this is a common pattern used to knit many of our bulky vintage sweaters.  This pattern does not include any colorwork but is the blank canvas to either create your own design or to add any of your favorite silhouettes to further customize this iconic sweater.  We recommend that you use Mary Maxim Titan yarn to knit this sweater. 

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  1. I have a new love affair going on with your Titan yarn after using it the first time in a slipper kit I’d ordered. I think that would be perfect for this

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