Christmas Countdown – Easy Crochet Beanie

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Only 5 days until Christmas, and that means only 5 more incredible patterns left of the countdown. Rebekah Hass is today’s featured Independent Designer.  She has an incredible style. Make sure to follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Screen Shot 2019-12-20 at 12.33.42 PM.pngHi! I am Rebekah, the creative mind and whimsical spirit behind the blog, Rebekah’s Haas and Home. Crafting and creating is a family tradition – I remember being given crocheted blankets from my granny, who also hand-beaded jewelry, made porcelain dolls – you name it, her hands could breathe life into it! She passed her creativity to my mother, who sewed clothes, crocheted potholders and blankets, and whose needlepoint was, well, on point! She taught me from an early age the basics of crafting, then set me loose to find what creative outlet spoke to me. I’ve played around with cross-stitch, quilting, anything that involves hot glue, and, of course, crochet. I cannot honestly remember the first time I picked up a hook, I was so young when she taught me! I set my whimsy aside to complete college and set myself up in a steady career and relationship, but when I learned I was pregnant – I knew it was time to pick up my hook again and set aside my work slacks for another time. Five years later, I started the blog, Rebekah’s Haas and Home, intending to write about parenthood and general crafting. But the further along I got, the more time my hook claimed! Now I wiggle my magic hook and create whimsical and romantic designs inspired by my childhood – which I spent in rural Italy. These designs can be found on my blog – the majority of them are free!

Free Crochet Beanie Pattern

Shared from Lightroom mobile (31).jpgEach of my designs is named after a city or town I have visited – either recently or long ago. Whether a specific memory of color, architecture or perhaps the smell of fresh pastries, something about these places fills my mind as I stitch up a new design. Meet Treviso – the faux knit beanie! Inspired by the simple, rustic beauty of the ancient ruins, this hat was designed specifically for my husband!

He asked for a beanie that would keep him warm on his winter walk to work, but it must be pure simplicity. Since I didn’t want to suddenly pull out my very dull knitting skills, I simply adapted the waistcoat stitch for this hat. The beauty in this beanie pattern shines when a tonal or variegated yarn is used. I’ve made it in solid gray for my husband, but this one is made with Mary Maxim Prism in the color Blue Lagoon. The waistcoat stitch creates a thick and cozy hat, while the neat faux knit V’s let the yarn really show off its beauty! 


This pattern is available in a wide variety of sizes, from Preemie to Adult Large (the size I made for my husband). In fact, if you prefer, the basic pattern can be used with ANY yarn weight! Of course, you will need to adjust the hook size if you decide to use chunky or bulky yarns. The PDF of the hat pattern is also available in my Ravelry shop and includes a sizing chart for both slouchy or fitted versions in all the sizes. By sticking to the measurements, you can use your favorite yarn and hook to create a truly unique beanie. 


Download the DOWNLOAD IS EXPIRED but only until January 31st.

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Stay Tuned

There is less than a week left of our countdown and are so pleased that you have decided to share a part of your holiday season with us. We’ll have another incredible free pattern for you tomorrow.  Thank you so much for sharing these articles on your social media pages. Stay tuned for more amazing patterns from Mary Maxim and other featured makers.

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