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Last Updated on April 19, 2017 by Heather Mango

Are you in the market for a new craft or hobby but overwhelmed with the thought getting started and learning a whole new craft? Look no further than Diamond Dotz! Diamond Dotz make it easy to enjoy a fun new craft without the stress of tracking down all of the supplies or learning a bunch of new techniques. Check out this video to see what they are all about:

Every Diamond Dotz kit, ranging from $7.99 and up depending on the design, comes with EVERYTHING you need to complete your project, aside from a frame to display your masterpiece in when you are finished. You will get a pre-printed fabric that comes already covered in a special adhesive, a stylus for picking up your Diamond Dotz, wax to use with your stylus to pick the Diamond Dotz up, a tray to pour your Diamond Dotz in while you are working, an instructional sheet, and all of the colors of Diamond Dotz, with re-closable bags, you need to finish your picture. Your fabric is covered with a clear sheet that you pull away as you work so you can complete your project at your own pace. This craft is great for anyone of any skill level; even children could participate with adult supervision. 

Take a look below to see just a few examples of different Diamond Dotz kits we have to offer. There are a wide variety of different prints and sizez available on our website here. Take a look and comment below with your favorite! Please share with anyone you know you may enjoy this fun and relaxing new craft option. 

15 thoughts on “Diamond Dotz”

  1. I have ordered 2 of the kits, I was hoping for a little guidance with framing. Are they suitable for under glass framing?

    1. Hi Linda! Yes, What we have used in the store are the shadow box type frames that give you a bit more space.

  2. Wow! Love this! I wonder if there are supplies available without the kit because i have a needlepoint tapestry that i would love to do this to!

    1. Kim you always could use ‘bedazzling’ gems. They are flat on one side. You could then use a fabric glue or Aleen tacky glue.

    1. Hi Dorris. We frame our Diamond Dots just as we would any other picture. It looks best behind glass to keep it free from dust and dirt and for more of a custom look we recommend taking your Santa to a custom framer.

  3. Hi, does anyone know if a sort of glue should be put on the canvas after it is done in order to hang it and make sure none of the diamonds fall off? Thanks!!

    1. Hi Melissa, You shouldn’t need any glue however we do recommend you frame your work behind glass to secure it permanently. The glass accentuates the sparkle of the diamond dots as well.

  4. I’ve been considering giving my diamond dotz butterfly a dusting of black glitter to fill in exposed adhesive between and around the “gems”. Has anyone done this? I’m worried it’ll just kill it.

  5. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could buy a bag of No936 diamond dotz from??.
    Friend is short of this colour to finish a large painting??

  6. Love diamond dotz. But i have a question on framing…should i put a glass or nonglare plastic poster sheets over the finished product? I finished in 6 months time a big 20 x 31 winter scene and would like to put it in a poster frame. Im afraid any glass or sheeting would interfere with the sparkle. But if i leave it bare…it might collect dust. Any advice?

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