Happy Halloween!

It is safe to say Halloween is one of our favorite holiday’s here at Mary Maxim. We have a building full of creative people and it is always such a fun time seeing what everyone puts together for costumes. This year did NOT disappoint; we had unicorns , vampires, gypsies, Zoolander, a “chain gang” and so many more. We hope you enjoy this peek inside our Halloween celebration!


We hope you have a safe and fun Halloween! Please share your costumes on our Mary Maxim U.S. Facebook or comment below with what you dressed up as, we would love to see!

6 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!”

  1. Loved it thank you for sharing I knew some unicorn, loved gumbAll You should tag the character they are suppose to be

  2. I don’t know who the woman is in the black and purple dress but she is like my twin – at least in the picture of the one with 4 people in it. I clicked on the close-up and it wasn’t as close….. so weird to see someone who looks yourself!

  3. Yes indeed your work site is fantastic. Liked the costumes and the creativity. Thank you for your good work always watch to see what’s new from Mary Maxim.

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