Knit Easter Pillow – April KAL Week 2

Welcome back to week 2 of the Easter Comfort Cushion KAL! I promised that this week would be a little more challenging and hopefully enjoyable. We will be completing the first half of the front panel.

Easter Pillow KAL

Week 1: Back Panel

Week 2: Front Panel Part 1

Week 3: Front Panel Part 2

Week 4: Finishing Touches

Spring Easter Knit Pillow

I am not a fan of color working, so I often reach for self-striping or variegated yarns to do the work for me. Cloudspun did its job beautifully and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. My usual colorwork technique of using floats didn’t work with the flat panel construction and made the pillow look unnecessarily bulky. I did a lot of frogging for this project but both yarns were durable enough to withstand my abuse without pilling or looking overworked. Eventually, I switched to the intarsia technique and it turned out to be the right (and easier) option for this project.

Hopefully I go the hard part out of the way, and this goes a lot easier for you.

US #13, 9mm knitting needles
16 inch straight or circular


Mary Maxim Aran Chunky in Natural (A) 2 skeins – [90 g/137 yd]
Mary Maxim Cloudspun in Purples (B) 1 skein – [122 g/133 yd]

16 x 16” pillow insert
Tapestry needle
Measuring Tape

Abbreviations (US Standard):
K – knit
P – purl
R – row
RS – right side
WS – wrong side

9 sts x 12.5 rows
4 x 4” in stockinette

Finished Size:
16 x 16 inches


Stockinette stitch is worked by alternating rows of knit and purl stitches.  When using the intarsia technique, you will want to pull the new strand over the old one

Week 2 - April Knit Along - Spring Easter Pillow by The Crafty MD

Cast on 37 stitches in A

Note: From here, you can follow the written instructions, or use the chart below.

R1: Knit across (rs)

R2: Purl across (ws)

R3: Knit across

R4: P15 in A, P7 in B, P15 in 2nd ball of A

R5: K13 in A, K11 in B, K13 in A

R6: P12 in A, P13 in B, P12 in A

R7: K11 in A, K15 in B, K11 in A

R8: P10 in A, P17 in B, P10 in A

R9: K9 in A, K19 in B, K9 in A

R10: P9 in A, P19 in B, P9 in A

R11: K8 in A, K21 in B, K8 in A

R12: P7 in A, P23 in B, P7 in A

R13: K7 in A, K23 in B, K7 in A

R14-16: repeat rows 12 and 13

R17: K6 in A, K25 in B, K6 in A

R18: P6 in A, P25 in B, P6 in A

R19-26: repeat rows 17 and 18

Spring Knit Easter Pillow

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