New Exclusive Kit – Mermaid Tail Throw

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Mermaid Tail throw

As we get ready for a new catalog to hit homes, staff members here at Mary Maxim get to take a look at the patterns and kits as they develop. One new kit in particular has made quite a “splash”. The Mermaid Tail Throw┬áis a fun and whimsical kit that speaks to the child in all of us. Great for all ages, the kit comes with all the yarn and detailed instructions you need to make a warm and cuddly blanket that finishes at 54″ long. Our Fall catalog hits home the first week of June, but don’t miss out on this pre-release opportunity to get it now! Visit or call our toll-free number 800-962-9504 to order.




10 thoughts on “New Exclusive Kit – Mermaid Tail Throw”

    1. Yes Tina, if you order over the phone (1-800-962-9504) you can choose 3 colors of Best Value to go in your kit.

    1. Yes Diane, if you call and order (1-800-962-9504) you can ask to choose your 3 colors of Best Value yarn to go in the kit.

  1. Hi. I am making this for my daughter but really am an experienced knitter not a crocheter. It is possible to get a close up picture of the detail of the scale pattern. I want to make sure that I have read the pattern correctly and have it set correctly. I completed the first row and started the second but would like to double check it.


  2. Hi! Just got the pattern and am very excited however am struggling with the V st …. Can you possibly post a video of How to do Row 2? I’m having a hard time making sure I am doing it correctly and don’t want to go to far without double checking? Even pictures or a more detailed explanation? Thx

  3. Phyllis Eshleman

    Just finished the crocheted child mermaid throw. loved it. It works up quickly. moved on to the adult knit throw. Can’t get this one to work. The slip stitches cause a pulling effect like a ruffle. I’ve done one set of purple and one of green. Also on the green there are not sufficient stitches at the end of the row to knit 6 and slip 1 then knit 2. I modified it to knit 5. however this does not take care of the ruffling with the slipped stitches.When I look closely at the picture the ‘slipped’ stitches don’t look slipped. can you help?

    1. Phyllis, sorry you are having an issue with the knit version. We recommend that you call our project assistance at 1-800-962-9504. They are available Monday thru Friday 10am-4pm EST. They are more than willing to help you with your pattern.

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