NEW How to Videos on YouTube – Intermediate

We are excited to share with you our next set of “How To” videos using Quick yarn and using slow motion to make learning how to knit and crochet quick and easy. We always love suggestions so please comment below if there is a specific how to video you would like to see. Be sure to subscribe and share if you find these videos helpful!

How to Crochet

How to Knit

2 thoughts on “NEW How to Videos on YouTube – Intermediate”

  1. Hi Heather,
    Well, by your looks, I’m about your grandmother’s age. I’ve learned to knit by a woman quickly and hurriedly taught me how to knit a short row and off she went and never ended up seeing her again. Those few stitches encouraged me to get busy and learn to knit row after row and then ended up getting a book “I taught myself to knit”. It started from there and I just love hearing the needles make that wonderful sound.
    I love knitting. I’ve made blankets and have attempted to make sweaters. But I get so far, like getting the back done and something comes up in my life that discourages me from the love of knitting. I’m trying really hard to get going again by picking my emotions off the floor and get busy and see if I can continue to make the sweater and make it for myself.
    Thanks for reading.

    1. Hi Lavinia!
      Thanks for your comment! I think everyone goes through “seasons” with their knitting, or any craft or hobby really. I used to get myself into long projects and found to get my groove back, I make a couple of smaller things to give me that finishing gratification, and then I get excited about it again!

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