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Mary Maxim Prism is a favorite yarn here at Mary Maxim, and for good reason; the 12 colors are amazing and the feel and texture is unlike our other yarns. Prism is hand dipped, which gives it it’s extra vibrant color. Prism is a DK/ sport weight yarn that is spun loosely to give the feel of a hand spun yarn and creates thick and thin areas in the yarn, which create a unique texture in finished projects. Prism is 100% acrylic, with easy care, hand wash cool and lay flat to dry. The suggested needle size for Prism is a size 6 knitting needle, with a gauge of 22 stitches and 28 rows to 4″.

The Prism pattern range covers everything from apparel, accessories, full size blankets and afghans, and items for kids and baby, all in both knit and crochet. A favorite kit among staff and customers alike is the Textured Granny Blanket, available as both a kit and a PDL pattern. The rich color and unique stitch pattern make a gorgeous blanket that is sure to get attention. Many other kits, free patterns, and PDL patterns are available here.

Have you used Prism yarn yet? What is your favorite project you’ve made? Comment below!

Textured Granny Blanket kit shown in Rainbow
Textured Granny Blanket kit shown in Rainbow


2 thoughts on “Mary Maxim Prism Yarn”

  1. I just started a project with Prism. I had to go back a couple of rows because of a boo boo. The yarn didn’t want to let go! Is there a trick to unraveling this yarn?

    Other than my boo boo, this is a great yarn to work with. Beautiful colors and long stripes of color. I can’t wait to give the finished project to my new grandson!

    1. Hi Nana! Prism does have some AMAZING colors! Unfortunately, due to the nature of the yarn (being a roving type yarn) there really isn’t a “trick” to unraveling it, aside from taking it slow. IF you pull slowly, stitch by stitch, and gently pull you can un-work it from itself, which is often what is happening, the fiber sticking to itself. Hope that helps! Please share your project when you are finished!

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