How To – Provisional Cast On

There are so many different ways to cast on in knitting, and each method has its own perks. The Provisional Cast on is a method where you are casting on using a scrap or waste piece of yarn, with the intent on pulling it out later and revealing live stitches that can be picked up and worked in the opposite direction. An example of this is when you are knitting a lace scarf and want both ends to match, or in the case of our Tiny Trio of Outfits kit, when you want to come back and add a hood to a sweater later, and not have a seam. There are several ways to do a provisional cast on, for this pattern we used a crochet hook. Check out this handy video to show you how it is done!

First, use a contrasting color from what your pattern has you casting on with and place a slip knot on your crochet hook. Grab one of your knitting needles and hold so the yarn is behind your knitting needle.


Now pull the working yarn through the loop on your crochet hook and then move the working yarn again to the BACK of the knitting needle.


Continue to pull the yarn through, then moving the working yarn to the back of your needle before you pull it through again until you have the required number of stitches your pattern calls for. When you have the right number of stitches, cut the yarn and pull the end through the last loop on your crochet hook.


Now, begin knitting as your pattern calls for.


To pull your cast on out so you can pick up your live stitches, just start on the edge where you finished, and pull the tail loose, then pull 1 loop at a time slowly and not pulling too hard. You can pick your stitches up as you are working along if you find this easier.


We hope this helped you figure out how to do a Provisional Cast on. If there are any other kits you would like help with, comment below!


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