Scrub-It Seasonal Accents

Last Updated on August 11, 2017 by Gwen Bautista

Scrub-It Sale!

Scrub-It yarn is on sale at for $1.99 plus free shipping on orders over $45.00 until August 14th, 2017.  We thought we’d repost this excellent blog post on Scrub-It from October 2016.  There are some wonderful seasonal patterns in this article.  Scrub-It yarn projects make great “stocking stuffer” gifts or seasonal kitchen accents. Check out our “Kitchen Favorites” book for more fresh ideas from Mary Maxim.

October, 2016


Scrub It Yarn is one of the most unique yarns Mary Maxim has ever produced. Scrub It is made of 100% cotton and has a fringe on each edge, creating almost a terry cloth when finished. Our Scrub It yarn is perfect for kitchen and bath projects.  Our Kitchen Favorites book will give you a ton of ideas for Christmas gifts that can be finished in no time.

Scrub It comes in 26 different colors, a variety of solids and variegated,  perfect for projects for any occasion. We offer several books, each with a wide variety of home projects. Our Holiday Favorites book is all you will need to find a project for anyone on your holiday crafting list. Check out our other books here.


In addition to books, we have a wide selection of free patterns that you are sure to love. This is a fun decorative christmas Scrub-It kit to brighten your holiday baking tasks.

This Towel Set would make a nice gift for any family member or coworker. It is made using Sugar N’ Cream yarn along with Scrub It.  Peppermint Set also pictured below.



We also offer some fun kits perfect for Fall. This Acorns & Basket set comes with the Scrub It, Sugar ‘N Creme and tulle needed to make everything pictured.


Here are our new Turkey Potholder and Pumpkins kit that would be a cute addition to your Thanksgiving table or a nice gift for your holiday dinner host.


We hope that you enjoy using Scrub It as much as we do! What other uses have you found? We would love to hear!

3 thoughts on “Scrub-It Seasonal Accents”

  1. I LOVE this yarn!!!! GREAT for washing my face! It doesn’t have the harsher texture to it that the other scrubby yarns do! I found some cute facial patterns on this site, to make w/it and LOVE LOVE LOVE them! This yarn is NICE AND SOFT for body use!!!! I LOVE the Big variety of NICE colors too! CAN’T beat this yarn!!

  2. I’m unhappy with your scrub it yarn – I spent a lot of money to make about three dozen scrubbies for my craft show I do – I haven’t sold one – People keep telling me that they aren’t stiff or scratchy enough to use as a scrubbie – I’ve reached the point of throwing them all out which upsets considering all the work I put into making all of them – Now that your selling Red Heart scrubbie material which I like much better I’ll probably buy that and instead of combining the sugar & cream yarns that you recommend for your patterns I’ll use your scrubbie yarns and maybe that combination will be what people are looking for –

    1. Hi Claire, We are sorry you are unsatisfied with our Scrub-It yarn. You’re right, it isn’t as stiff or as scratchy as some of the other scrub-it type yarns. When finished our yarn has more of a terry cloth feel to it, and it sounds like you are looking for something that works as more of an exfoliant. We are glad you found what you need in the Red Heart scrubbie material. Ours were designed to not be as rough and we are more than happy to sell you the Red Heart scrubbie yarns. We wish you better luck at your next craft show.

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