Crochet-Along Week 8

This is our week to start putting edgings on our finished squares and take a break from adding new squares, or if you are new to the Crochet Along all of the previous weeks are posted here for you to jump in with us! This week will give you time to catch up if you have …

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Crochet-Along Week 7

Week Seven is here, and when these are completed we are now halfway done with our squares! Next week we will take a break from squares and start putting the edging on our completed squares and also give you a chance to catch up on any you haven’t finished before we move on. If you have missed …

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Crochet-Along (Week 6)

Week Six already? This crochet- along is flying by! Only one more week and we will take a break on squares for a week and start working on borders for the squares we have done so we aren’t left with all of that for the end. If you are new to the crochet-along, all previous …

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Crochet-Along (Week 5)

Week 5 of our crochet-along is here! If you are just joining in, don’t worry, you can see all of the previous weeks of the crochet-along here. This week we will be using Color 3, which is Deep Green for our blanket, but of course you can use any color you would like. Let us …

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Crochet-Along (Week 4)

We are one month in and we hope you are enjoying this CAL as much as we are! You can find all of the previous CAL posts here if you are just joining. Be sure to be sharing your pics on social media using #marymaximcal, we would love to see them!

Crochet-Along (Week 3)

Welcome to Week Three! If you are just joining, you can see all previous posts here.  How are your squares coming along? We would love to see pics of the colors you chose! Share them on our Facebook or Instagram  or use #marymaximcal and we will share them across our social media!

Crochet-Along (Week 2)

  The entire blanket requires 1620 yards of Starlette  yarn divided into as many or as few colors as you desire. Using Starlette, for our blanket we will be using Mid Green as Color 1 ( 7 skeins) , Natural as Color 2 (4 skeins) , and Deep Green as Color 3 (4 skeins). As we mentioned …

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Crochet-Along (Week 1)

Welcome to Week One of our Mystery Crochet-Along! For the next 15 weeks each Friday we will release 3-4 squares a week that will come together to create a sampler afghan. We suggest Mary Maxim Starlette Yarn in any colors you desire. When the blanket is completed, we will give a suggested layout but you are …

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