Scrub It Yarn

Scrub It Yarn is one of the most unique yarns Mary Maxim has ever produced. Scrub It is made of 100% cotton and has a fringe on each edge, creating almost a terry cloth when finished. Our Scrub It yarn is perfect for kitchen and bath projects, and using one of the many books or …

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Color Pooling

Color pooling is a trend that is on the rise. There is more to color pooling than meets the eye. It is a matter of trial and error to get the look that you wish to achieve. Not all yarns have the proper variegation to get the tartan design that is being flashed around the …

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Crafting Trends: Elephants !

Crafting trends are constantly changing, this can be easily seen by logging into your social media accounts. On social media pictures of projects and patterns are always being shared, liked, and appearing on everyone’s Timelines, many of which follow a theme. One trend that we have seen has been all about Elephants. I decided to gander at …

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Bits and Pieces

We all have them. Tiny bits and pieces of yarn. Not really enough to do much with, but we don’t want it to go to waste. There are a lot of projects you can do with just one or two yards of yarn. And what about those 2-inch pieces that you cut off after you …

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