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Since the 1930’s Mary Maxim has prided ourselves on being a household name in crafting, bringing the best possible products and customer service to our customer’s. How has a company that has been around as long as we have kept our place in a fast paced industry? The answer is the people who make up Mary Maxim. Over the next few months we want to introduce you to the people that make up our company. We want you to meet the ladies you talk to when you call to place an order or call for project assistance, get an inside look at the design team who find, develop and proof all of our patterns. We want you to see the people who work so hard behind the scenes in our kit department to pack every single craft and yarn kit by hand, our print shop where we print all the patterns in house as well as to meet our management team that guides us all as we work together to bring you the service we were built on 4 generations ago.

It’s not just the people within our Mary Maxim building that make up “who” Mary Maxim is, but Mary is really every single customer we have had over the many years we have been in business and we want to know about you! Does your family have a tradition of knitting a personalized stocking for everyone? Do you have a Titan bulky sweater that has been passed down from generations? Did you learn to knit from the “Monkey Book?” Who is “Mary” to you? We want to hear and feature your crafting stories and memories! Please comment below or email heather@marymaxim.com with your stories or pictures.

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  1. Until I was an adult I always thought Mary Maxim was the monkey in the Monkey Book! I love to knit and have knitted many things over the years currently working on pocket prayer clothes and socks!!

  2. Jacquelyn Davis

    I have bought yarns, needles, organizers, kits and books from your company and I have enjoyed all of your products. Love mary maxim!

  3. My mom has knitted sweaters and mittens from your patterns for more years than I know. She was widowed over 35 years ago and had knitted sweaters for Dad long before he died. At 89 years ago she still knits a few items from your patterns a year. She is Ruth Closser you could Look up her purchases.

  4. I have been a customer since 1968. I have knit the bulky sweater.jackets with a motorcycle, several with horses, one with a wolf, another with an eagle, and several other patterns. I have knit Christmas stockings for every member of my family and a Christmas tree skirt for my daughter. I enjoy wearing a sweater with cardinals around the top and have knit other sweaters, afghans, and misc. things. I am currently knitting the Cables and Twists Throw and enjoying the detail and the fabulous yarn. Other afghans are awaiting my needles, now that I am retired from full time work. I don’t like to use yarn other than Mary Maxim’s as sometimes they don’t stand up after all the work involved in knitting with them. Although I no longer reside in Michigan, I am thankful I can continue my relationship with Mary Maxim via mail order very satisfactorily.

    1. Thank you Barbara for sharing your story and we are so thankful you for sticking with us through all of these years! If you have any pictures of your projects, we would love to share your story and your beautiful work. You can email them to heather@marymaxim.com and if it would be ok, I would send you a few questions about your crafting and feature you 🙂

  5. I have made several bulkybdesign sweaters since 1970. Made several other items from the catalogs as well. Love everything.

  6. My Daddy wanted one of the Titan knit sweaters for a long time. 1968-9 I bought the “Monkey ” book and struggled to learn to knit. I was so frustrated with that silly monkey ! I could never figure out purling, so out of frustration, I went into the store almost in tears and one of the hero’s from the yarn dept. showed me how to purl. I went onto making my Dad a sweater with a locomotive on it. He was delighted. I am still knitting. I am no longer a young mother with a toddler, but a retired nurse/ grandmother. This was one of the best skills I ever learned.

  7. Have been a customer of Mary Maxim for many, many years. I am 82. I made the Titan sweaters for all the men in my family and lined them so they could wear them as a jacket in the cold winter. I made one of the baby sweaters, the one with the zipper that goes up the back, Made this for many, many babies. When people see this on a baby they say “I know who made that sweater” and all the new Mom’s love them. I made many, many afghans, buy the kit for instructions and make many more using your yarn. Wish you sold the liners for the sweaters again. I have to make my own and they do not fit as well.

  8. Eleanor leech

    I have knitted many items from Mary maxim for over 40 years and have made several trips to the store in port Huron. It is a great place with excellent quality and value and especially patterns!

  9. I made one for my dad 45 years ago …does any one knows where I could buy this pattern for this sweater …thank you in advance

    1. Johanne, we have the majority of our original patterns for download on our website, if you don’t see which one you are looking for you can call our customer service at 1-800-962-9504 and they can get it for you 🙂 Do you know which sweater it was?

  10. I remember when I was in high school (graduated in 1965) I got a catalog from Mary Maxim. It had clothing that was sold in kits and already cut out. My mother let me order a couple dresses and I had so much fun sewing the dresses and loved the fact I didn’t have to cut them out. I still remember one of the dresses coming in Navy/Shamrock, or Brown/Pumpkin. I made the Navy/Shamrock one but still remember that I missed out on the Brown/Pumpkin. Wish I had a picture of that dress. It was so cute. That was back in the days when I had no sizing issues. All of me fell within the parameters of the size I purchased.

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