Wins/Losses Scarf

The baseball season has come to an end, and the Chicago Cubs won the World Series. My team the Detroit Tigers did not make it to the play-offs but I was able to make this wonderful scarf to show off this seasons triumphs and defeats. If you missed it, here is the original post with the scarf pattern. We had such a great time doing this as a group here at Mary Maxim. Some of us were not really interested in baseball until this particular project. We became enthralled. There would be constant banter in the office if one co-workers team was playing another co-workers team. We began to have bragging rights and boastful conversations about what is happening with our team. The most often asked question was, “How is your scarf going?”


This has given us something to look forward to. Some of us are already knitting and crocheting for the football season. Others would like to do this for their favorite hockey team. This can be applied to even your local minor league teams and even high school teams. How did your team do this season? Did they make it to the play-offs? How does your scarf look? Take a look at some of ours below!



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Kendra Sagash

Kendra has been crocheting for over 20 years. She became obsessed and enthused with crochet when she realized it was a great way to interact with people. She enjoys sharing her love of crafts with her two beautiful daughters. Kendra also paints in her free time.

Kendra joined Mary Maxim in 2013. She is the crochet instructor at the Mary Maxim retail store in Port Huron. She assists customers with our pattern support team and is the Social Media Assistant.

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