Yarn Stash Organizer- FREE Printable

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Yarn Stash Organizer-
FREE Printable

There is no such thing as too much yarn, but there is such a thing as disorganized yarn. We created the Yarn Stash Organizer-Free Printable to add to your knit or crochet binder, so you’ll always know what yarn you have available for your projects.

Yarn Stash Organizer Free Download

Organize your stash in two ways. You can organize by brand with the Yarn Card. Use the top of the card to write details about the brand such as where you purchased it from, the weight of the yarn, and yards per skein. Then, fill in the rest of the card. Start by sorting the colors in your stash and record the dye lot of the each of the colors you have, next mark the individual colors, and finally the number of skeins available. Mark this spot in pencil or laminate your Yarn Card so you can easily keep a tally as you purchase more yarn or finish a project.

Yarn Card

You can also keep your stash organized in a more flexible way. Use our flexible stash organizer, created to fit in a page protector or 3 ring binder, to organize your stash to your preference. Organize it by color, weight, yardage or source, and mark the location in which it’s stored.

Flexible Yarn Stash Organizer

Lastly, keep your materials for your works in progress (WIP) organized easily, especially large projects that call for many colors of yarn with the WIP Yarn Card. Use the WIP Yarn Card to keep notes on your project and record your pattern colors, so you never lose your place in the pattern when you are not working on it.

WIP Yarn Card

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4 thoughts on “Yarn Stash Organizer- FREE Printable”

  1. Thanks for another way to organize a yarn stash. It’s even better than the list I made of what my Mom has (which was, in ounces,. somewhere around 200 – 250 pounds of yarn). I still need to do my own stash which is more around 150 – 200 pounds. I currently have tried to sort our yarn by grouping like size skeins of yarn together but that doesn’t last long. I never really thought to just put the yarn, and have a space designating where I put it. Great way to have a true picture of what one really has. Having the yardage measurement is something I never thought about. Now I can have it handy when we see our friend who likes to knit and has always done her math in yards rather than ounces. We can recommend a yarn to her and be able to tell her the yardage. Thanks again for such a great idea.

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